The Association Of Chartered Accountants

Since 1996, the term “chartered certified accountant” has been used to define a British qualified accountant and is awarded to qualified applicants by the Association of Chartered Accountants. This elite group of accountants, granted Royal Charter by the Queen, specializes in business accounting, management accounting, financial accounting and even forensic accounting, among others. While many choose to take the private business route, others prefer the organized confines of a government agency.

Not surprisingly, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, is the world’s fastest growing accountancy groups. Currently, there are more than 140,000 members, more than 400,000 affiliates and the association is present in at least 150 countries. The group is headquartered out of London, England and dates back to the early 1900s. It initially began as the London Association of Accountants and its goal was to provide transparency in the financial industry. It was not until 1930, however, that the group was finally given the green light to audit companies. After several merges and reformations, in 1974, the Royal Charter was extended and in 1995, the name that is now known was bestowed onto the association and the elite members were allowed to use the designated Chartered Certified Accountant.

The standards are the highest found in any country in the world and current qualifications include fourteen professional examinations, thirty six months of supervised accountancy experience and upon completion of Part 2 of the Professional Scheme, a degree in Applied Accounting is then required from students. The minimum guidelines are quite definitive and unyielding. While there are the occasional exemptions from at least part of the fourteen examinations, students are required to prove their knowledge in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, company law, financial management, corporate reporting, audit and assurance and financial reporting prior to any exemptions being extended.

A new syllabus, passed in December 2007 and put into effect right away, updated the qualifications as a result of the accountancy field and its advances. It is not uncommon, and in fact, is even expected, every several years and in accordance with the changes and updates in a global financial market. At one time, examinations were held on an annual basis; now, however, they are held bi-annually and in several countries. It is likely this could change as well as demand dictates from an ever expanding field.

Besides the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, legal acknowledgement of the ACCA is left to each country. Members are afforded the option, in those countries that choose not to acknowledge the association, to apply for advanced standing when applicable. And too, there are those countries that don’t require this application and simply choose to extend the courtesy.

Finally, the ACCA offers its members certain access to those committees that acknowledge the body. The Financial Services Institute of Australasia recently signed a partnership agreement, as has the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Chartered Institute of Taxation and those professional bodies in Canada, the United States and several other European countries.

Accounting Outsourcing: Easy To Maintain Your Accounting Records

Is your accounts department not delivering the desired output? Or you have plans to expand your business? Well then try for accounting services… Most of you would have heard about it but still would be unsure, what it is all about? Some might have plans to hire a company delivering competent accounting services but don’t know how this service could be beneficial to you?

Well, it is not easy to get skilled and trained manpower. And when deadlines are hovering around you and there is lot other work left then there is the need of expert. So to get the task done by reliable professionals, it is necessary to hire them. Recruiting a team of professionals can be quite expensive, so to cut down the cost you can hire a company for doing the business of accounting outsourcing… For their services they charge comparatively low amount. Once the task comes in their hand, they keep track of all the accounts related issue and help in giving complete financial solutions. Some of the features of good financial accounting outsourcing services are:

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* As the accounting process is done timely and efficiently, you can make quick decision.

Depending on the size of business, the accounting outsourcing service providers give customizable solutions. For example, for small and medium size units they may include features like:

* Comprehensive details account receipts and payments
* Well planned budget process
* Cash flow statement
* Provide techniques on cash management
* Full proof data security
* Financial reporting statements
* List of inventory reconciliation
* Payroll administration

After seeing the various benefits and features you would be thinking what if “I have a big business”? Not to worry at all. These days there are number of firms offering competent accounting outsourcing services regardless of the size, status and nature. They ensure that your business is not at all affected and runs smoothly without any hassle. Their services would increase and would not be restricted to payroll tax, accruals, verification of accounting data, etc. It would sound to be a great option to all. But starters would be thinking what if I need help?

Here you go… for them various accounting outsourcing firms, provide guidance on accounting protocol and according to ones requirement render prompt solutions. This includes developing complete financial accounting software as well.

Seeing the growth in the industry and increasing demand for accounting outsourcing, there are new companies and service providers coming up in the global market. Some of the countries, where one can easily find an accounting outsourcing provider include developing countries like India.

Accounting Policy- Assistive Tips About Accounting

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The general ledger is the core of your company’s financial records. These constitute the central “books” of your system, and every transaction flows through the general ledger. These records remain as a permanent track of the history of all financial transactions since day one of the lives of your company.

Having the same person draft the checks and reconcile the checking account is a good example of how not to assign accounting duties. We’ll talk extensively about internal control later. However, for now, small businesses often can’t afford the number of people needed for an adequate separation of duties. The internal control structure that we’ll install in your new accounting system helps mitigate that risk through mechanics and procedures rather than expensive people.

Balance sheet accounts are the assets and liabilities. When we set up your chart of accounts, there will be separate sections and numbering schemes for the assets and liabilities that make up the balance sheet. A quick reminder: Increase assets with a debit and decrease them with a credit. Increase liabilities with a credit and decrease them with a debit.

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Balance sheets can identify and analyze trends, particularly in the area of receivables and payables. Is the receivables cycle lengthening? Can receivables be collected more aggressively? Is some debt uncollectible? Has the business been slowing down payables to forestall an inevitable cash shortage? Balance sheets, along with income statements, are the most basic elements in providing financial reporting to potential lenders such as banks, investors, and vendors who are considering how much credit to grant the firm.

First in, first out means exactly what it says. The first widgets you bring into inventory will be the first ones sold as a product. First in, first out, or FIFO as it is commonly referred to, is based on the principle that most businesses tend to sell the first goods that come into inventory.

Accountants also act as personal advisors. They not only provide clients with accounting and tax help, but also help them develop personal budgets, manage assets and investments, plan for retirement, and recognize and reduce their exposure to risks. This role is in response to clients’ demands for a single trustworthy individual or firm to meet all of their financial needs. However, accountants are restricted from providing these services to clients whose financial statements they also prepare. (See financial analysts and personal financial advisors elsewhere in the Handbook.)

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Accounting Advantage- Free Related Guideline About Basic Accounting Concepts

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The purpose of the accounting system is to communicate. It produces useful information (not raw data) that tells specific things about the company. To those who understand what this intricate system is saying (,and you’ll be one of them by the end of this book), it’s like money in the bank.

The Association of Government Accountants grants the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) designation for accountants, auditors, and other government financial workers at the Federal, State, and local levels. Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, 24 hours of study in financial management, 2 years of experience in government, and passing scores on a series of three exams. The exams cover topics in governmental environment; governmental accounting, financial reporting, and budgeting; and financial management and control.

Many of the small business managers now view accounting this way. It’s overhead and really doesn’t contribute to the bottom line. Or does it? The people who run the accounting system speak in an unintelligible blur of debits and credits. They have been little grasped of the operation that generates the money to pay their salaries.

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Depreciation is considered an expense and is listed in an income statement under expenses. In addition to vehicles that may be used in your business, you can depreciate between office furniture, office equipment, any buildings you own, and machinery you use to manufacture products. Land is not considered an expense, nor can it be depreciated. Land does not wear out like vehicles or equipment.

Financial, Financial accountants draw information from the general ledgers to prepare financial statements. They also take part in the business’s important financial decisions involving mergers and acquisitions, employee benefits planning and long-term financial projections. This work can very from week to week, so needs a combined understanding of accounting and finance.

Nearly all States require CPAs and other public accountants to complete a certain number of hours of continuing professional education before their licenses can be renewed. The professional associations representing accountants sponsor numerous courses, seminars, group study programs, and other forms of continuing education.

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The Association Of Chartered Accountants

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